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innovation in WEIGHT recent years

As our promise to customer, we bring value to the customer by continuous improvment.   We can not change world, but we can improve the product we are making.We have achieves some improvement or innovations here:

1,   2005 Area of ice fishing:  In China maybe only we can solder the ice jig, under customer's request, From 2005, we started study hook protection,  it solve the problem that hook become unsharp after coating of ice jig. all the hook we got from Japan are very sharp. but coating will damage the sharpness more or less. we spent a lot of time and test, only untill 2011, we got a matured method, it can protect hook totally.  This method only exist in China, WEIGHT.

2,  Year 2007,  Area of fly fishing: The first one who introduce metallic color / lucent color,  we have tried many coating plant, and only found one plant can do super and stable quality.

   We re-design the slotted tungsten beads, make the slot smaller, but make another side hole oval, by this way, the slot can be small enough to hold the hook and oval shape hole at other side can make the beads pass all the hook barb.

3,  Year 2008, Area of bass fishing:  The first one who 100% own the technology "fray free" for tungsten bullet weight. I can not say other domestic manufacturer are bad, but at least, at that moment, our biggest customer comment that we have super quality and he can not find same level in China

4,  Year 2012, Area of bass fishing:  Coming soon, ultra high density jigs, until now, you can only tungsten lead jig head, or tungsten polymer jig head. the density is no more than 12g/cc, but if we can do 18g/cc density, so why tungsten polymer jig? Not only these jigs have such excellent characteristics, but some other points, are brand new,  please wait for check the articles.

actually we have made some improvement time to time, but some of them, you can see from the product, some of them are process,  it may save the cost, it may bring goodness you even have not noticed it,  for example, we re-design swivel binding structure, so our swivel will not break away due to failure of glue, until swivel totally worn, of course, we choose the highest level of swivel.

regarding above improvements/innovation, please search the articles to find more info like pictures...


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